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PawShop brings you an exquisite collection of faux-luxury pet clothing and quirky novelty toys that will transform your pet into a trendsetting sensation. From adorable pet chips that will melt hearts to hilarious beer bottle chew toys that will have your followers rolling with laughter, our products are designed to make your pet the star of every scroll.

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Kickstart your journey by applying to our paw-some program. We're seeking petstagram pros who are passionate about pets, possess an eye for creativity, and are ready to turn their pets into fashion icons.

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We’ll send you an irresistible array of free clothes and toys for your furry friend to rock and flaunt on your Insta feed, ensuring they become the true haute couture heartthrobs of the digital pet world.

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Dress your pet in PawShop's glamorous attire or let them unleash their inner goofball with our one-of-a-kind toys. Capture their candid moments of elegance or playfulness and tag us.

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Every sale made through your affiliate link earns you a fabulous 20% commission. Your pet's charm is your currency – it's time to watch your passion and wallet grow together!

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